The Legend

Through the winter chills,

Of the Rocky hills,

Is a town with famous snow.

Among fir tree,

To Fernie BC,

For deep powder you’ll have to go.

Now you might ask why,

So much falls from the sky,

And the answer is found in a tale.

So lend me your ear,

A legend you’ll hear,

To amaze you, I will not fail.

There’s a man named Griz,

And the legend is,

He was raised by grizzly bears.

He’s a short stocky man,

With a musket in hand,

He walks with bare feet and no cares.

Though his looks are unique,

The true mystery you seek,

Lies in the musket he takes.

On a cold cloudy day,

When he shoots it your way,

There are no bullets, but only snowflakes.

Well the legend of snow,

Is one most people know,

But there’s more to this story you’ll see.

Cause a Griz who works hard,

Cannot live on just lard,

Needs good food to bring snow to Fernie.

So he went down to the town,

And he searched all around,

Saying, “Snow, for a good meal to eat?”

But most towns’ folk were scared,

Said, “He growls like the bears!”

Just one cried, “I’ll make what you seek!!!”

Well the girl who cried out,

You’re about to find out,

Was a girl, who was not very tall.

But you’ll realize that kid,

With the thing that she did,

To accomplish big things, can be small.

This girl thought for a while,

Then said with a smile,

Big snow deserves a big meal.

She mixed water and flour,

Added egg and yeast power,

It’s dough! She now kneads it with zeal.

Then she set it aside,

To let the dough rise,

Right away then, the dough starts to grow.

A great big Griz bread,

Is what he’ll be feed,

And forever in Fernie, it’ll snow.

Well the rising won’t stop,

And soon to the top,

Of the mountain the dough well have risen.

Though the cold wind brought chills,

The girl cried out with thrills,

“A huge meal to the Griz will be given!”

The dough still in growth mode,

Looked about to explode,

Then “BIG BANG!” was heard by big and by little!

And when the smoke cleared,

The thing that appeared,

Was a bagel with a hole in the middle.

And when all was done,


Was given to Griz in exchange,

For snow in the town,

And all the way down.

From Mt. Hosmer to the great Lizard Range.

So remember this tale,

When the cold winds prevail,

And the land is all white, cause it’s snowed.

And when BIG BANGs ring out,

You need never doubt,

That a BAGEL for Griz will bestowed.

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