Big Bang Bagels has been feeding the hungry people of Fernie delicious, fresh, exquisite, marvelous banging homemade bagels for over 10 years. It’s a must-stop for any visitors passing through, a must-eat for any local on their lunchbreak, and a must-do for all the seasonal workers, ski-bums and board-bunnies that call Fernie BC their home away from home.

Online Ordering is here!

That's right, you can now order your bagels from the comfort of your home, workplace or wherever you happen to be! By ordering online, you can avoid the queues and minimise your exposure to those frosty mornings!

You can order any of our breakfast bagels, bagelwiches, coffees or cold drinks. Since we often run out of flavours, we ask that you pick a backup bagel choice, just in case!

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Come and see why we're officially the Best Bang in Town™.

What's the big deal, then?

We make our bagels fresh every morning, so there's that. Our bakers are up at the crack of dawn ready and raring to go, baking your bagels so that when you come in first thing in the morning, you’ll have a fresh, still-warm-from-the-oven bagel for your breakfast. How can you resist that?

We have so...many...options!

Our bagels are not just bread with a hole in, oh no. Sure, we do your regular lil’ Plain bagel with no frills, and it’s delicious, but if you fancy something with a little more oomf, you can get a Jalapeno Cheese bagel. Or if you like to keep things classy, go for a Sesame or Superseed bagel. Want to treat yourself, but keep the ol’ conscience happy, try our ‘healthy’ options and go for Multigrain, or a Pesto Spinach bagel. But let’s face it, sometimes you deserve something special, and there’s no sweeter treat than a Cinnamon Raisin or a Chocolate Chip bagel. Mm-mmm!

View our full bagel menu right here.

All of our bagels come in either White or Wholewheat dough, and you can match literally any bagelwich with any type of bagel. Also, yes, we have Gluten Free, but we don’t bake these in-store. They’re still tasty though.

Speaking of Bagelwiches...

We've got everything you could ever imagine to put inside your bagel. Cream Cheese is a classic filling, and is sure to satisfy that craving you’ve been having all week. But sometimes it’s just not enough, and when you smell the bacon on the grill, you might just have to get one of our Famous-in-Fernie breakfast bagels. The Big Banger is the basis for them all – egg, melted cheddar and your choice of meat or spinach & sprouts! If you want a bit more, go for the ever-popular Mr Fernie (tomato, avocado and fried onions) or The Griz (sausage and a hash brown).

And then there's the big one.

If you're up to the challenge, you can take on Da Bomb... One pound of dough, it's the equivalent of 4, yes FOUR Mr. Fernie’s with Ham and Bacon, Da Bomb is an eating challenge like no other. If you finish it, you’ll earn a place on our wall of fame. If you beat the current record holder, you’ll be crowned The Defuser, get a full refund for your feast, and get an exclusive Defuser t-shirt so you can show off your achievement to the world.

But wait, what about drinks?

We got you covered. For coffee lovers, we've got your Monday morning espresso fix to start the working day, or a casual cappucino in the afternoon sun. We have a range of drip coffee brewed throughout the day, as well as Hot Chocolate, Chai, a selection of teas, and a wide range of cold drinks. Our real fruit smoothies are to die for, and we have a whole bunch of cold juices in our fridge, as well as locally made Stoke fruit juices. You can also get any of our coffees over ice.

Rent-A-Mug and Save the Planet

Here at Big Bang Bagels, we're all about saving the planet, one coffee cup at a time. Earlier this year, we scrapped disposable cups in favour of a re-usable Rent-A-Mug system. You’re always free to bring your own travel mug to take your coffee to-go, but if you don’t have one yet, you can sit in and use one of our to-stay mugs, or rent a travel mug which you can keep for as long as you like. We rent out mason jars for cold drinks to go, like smoothies and ice coffees, too.

This initiative has been met with great enthusiasm and we're delighted that our customers are so on board with our attempt to make the planet a little bit greener!