The Environment

At Big Bang Bagels we care about the environment and are doing what we can to protect it. Making and distributing any product automatically creates demands on energy and problems with waste management, but we are doing our part to reduce our environmental footprint.

Being local is a great advantage. We don’t truck our bagels in from parts unknown, but make them right here in Fernie, so less fossil fuel is burned and put into the air when connecting you with your bagel. We are also reducing our gas emissions picking up supplies by bike whenever possible. Keep your eyes open for the Big Bang Bagels’ bike and trailer.

Big Bang Bagels is reducing waste by being a part of the Fernie Mug Club. If you want to do your part and reduce coffee cup waste, bring in your own reusable coffee cup and we will reduce the cost of your coffee by $0.25. Big Bang Bagels take away cups are paper and plastic, which makes them 100% recyclable.  So please be sure to drop them in a blue bin when you are done with them.  Thanks!

And finally, We try hard to reduce our waste as much as possible.  We have very little food waste, and what we do have we compost.  We recycle all cans and bottles and any other cardboard packaging or waste.

So, support the environment and the community of Fernie, BC by choosing Big Bang Bagels, where environmental peace of mind, delicious bagels, and friendly smiles are all rolled into one.

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